System JO Massage Glide, 1 oz

by: System JO

$ 6.50

There are many great oil-based massage products on the market, but some people are sensitive to using those oils on their skin. Many professional massage therapists actually use silicone based massage "oils" because silicone is so slippery they can use less of it and thus save money (something we can all do in these tight economic times). These System Jo Massage Glides use a high grade silicone and both the Lavander and Citrus varieties give off a wonderful calming scent. In fact they're so slippery, in one example we've seen, a single dime-sized spot of glide was enough to comfortably massage the arm of a very hairy fellow, so you can be sure that a single bottle will go far!  As an added bonus, these massage glides make great skin/tattoo conditioners!

  • Silicone-based


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