Irresistible: Seductive

by: Shots Toys

$ 90.00

SKU: 8714273549303

Irresistible Seduction Purple Clitoral Vibrator from Shots Toys. Even though the Seductive is whisper quiet, we can not guarantee you will be. The Seductive Clitoral Vibrator has a rechargeable battery with a magnetic USB charging port and included charger. When fully charged it will last for 60 minutes. The Seductive is 100% waterproof so that means you can go back to using your shower head for what it was made for. It is soft to the touch, smooth and waterproof design is made from medical grade silicone, making the Seductive easy to clean. The Irresistible Collection is not just any collection of sex toys. They are the best sex toys for women in the market period! What makes The Irresistible Collection so special is that our clitoral vibrator is made from high grade silicone and is equipped with our Touchless Air Wave Technology. The Irresistible Collection is the ideal combination of cutting edge technology, high quality, aesthetics and ergonomic design. The Technology works by gently and indirectly, stimulating the clitoris with 11 different intensity levels ranging from super soft to powerful. This beautifully designed toys encircles your clitoris without touching it and stimulates it via soft pressure air waves which creates a unique tissue penetrating vibration that cannot be achieved without the use of this technology. Sound waves can travel through various media including liquids and solids. Sound waves travels faster through muscle tissues than liquids. The creation of our Touchless Airwave Technology, we are able to create the perfect sound wave pulsation which can travel through tissue and stimulate the clitoral nerve endings producing the most profound orgasms you will ever experience! Size 3.4 inches by 2.9 inches.

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