Big Book of Masturbation (from Angst to Zeal)

by: Frisky Business Boutique

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Back Cover/Inside Jacket: Presenting masturbation from a variety of perspectives and disciplines throughout history, Martha Cornog offers a thoughtful and intelligent look at the realities and controversies that surround this universal activity. This book encourages readers to relinquish any angst they many have about solo sex and take a zealous look at its impact on culture and mores, while answering questions such as:
- Where did the word ‘masturbation’ come from?
- Can you masturbate too much?
- Do porcupines and sheep masturbate?
- What can you say to your child when you find him or her masturbating?
- What did John Lennon write about masturbation?
- What are the benefits of masturbation?

  • Soft cover

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