Dare... to Make Love with 2, 3, 4... or More

by: Frisky Business Boutique

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Group sex for the connoisseur or les curieux

Back Cover/Inside Jacket: Adding more players to your sex games doesn’t have to be just a fantasy. This book gets you and your lover ready for the next step in lovemaking. Always wanted to seduce that couple down the hall or find yourself entangled in an orgy? Author Marc Dannam tells you where to begin. Open yourself up to the thrill of entwined limbs and caresses in every direction. Discover places you can go to experiment with strangers or meet new couples. Find out how to stay safe in multiple-partner multiple-penetration scenarios or how to stay in control (when that’s what you need). Whether you’re single, a swinging couple, or just curious - start here for more than one-one-one fun!

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