Dare... to Try Bisexuality

by: Frisky Business Boutique

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Toutes bi or not toutes bi?

Back Cover/Inside Jacket: Is bisexuality something you’re born with? A lifestyle choice? Just a way to double the fun? Des Esseintes looks at bisexuality to reveal the wide range of sexual desires and identities you can embrace. He encourages you to be a “try-sexual” - willing to try out a wide range of sexual experiences to find out what really turns you on. Test yourself with the “Are You Bi?” quiz, then read on if you want to discover more pleasure than just one sex can offer. This book - a veritable Kama Sutra of bisexuality - will tell you where to meet new lovers, refresh your sexual safety knowledge, and enhance your bedroom techniques with an amazing range of positions. So break down those sexual barriers, let loose your secret desires, and try some old-fashioned, same-sex love!

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