Dr Clockwork's Body Contact

by: Dr Clockwork

$ 45.00

SKU: 678358907700

The single most IMPORTANT toy in your violet wand kit is the body contact. Extend your play to over half the PERIODIC TABLE! With the body contact, anything that is metal is now your toy. Hold the end and "push" sparks, or have someone else hold it, and "pull" them from your willing victe- I mean volunteer! Our body contacts come spark gapped for safety, with a lovely brass and black finish. Our revolutionary, custom made silicone insulated wire is soft and supple to the touch and is extremely flexible. The Dr. Clockwork body contact is the ONLY one on the market that is made from wire rated for 50kV. Don't be fooled by body contacts made of cheap Home Depot wire that will dry out and crack over time, or isn't rated for an appropriate voltage. Truly such an ELEGANT MASTERPIECE, has never been fathomed before! See why the Dr. Clockwork brand sets the gold standard. Get yours today!

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