Herotica 6 - Audio CD

by: Frisky Business Boutique

$ 27.00

SKU: 3068683752

Back Cover: A collection of erotic fiction by women.

How do women keep sex alive in commited relationships? Various self-help books give advice such as playing gimmicky board games to open avenues of communication, exchanging elaborate caldlelit massages, spicing things up now and then with an X-rated video. Not one story in this collection relies on those cliches. Rather, they delve into real life experiences, where sex is an expression of abiding love, loyalty, or acceptance; they show sex as a tool of discovery, comfort, and renewal; they employ sex as a vehicle for working through negative feelings like anger and grief. Even those that are strictly about reviving a failing sex life or keeping a good one going are rooted in the dynamics of the relationship. The characters in all these stories test, stretch, and deepen their connection to one another through sex.

  • Audio CD

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