Liberator Bed Buckler Restraint System

by: Liberator

$ 89.00

Awaken your bed from its tired slumber and re-invogerate your sex life. This seemingly innocent set of tethers and kitten-soft cuffs will allow adventurous lovers to tie down to any bed. Anywhere. Anyhow. Any time. Wrought-iron rails and four-poster beds not required.

This set contains:

Bed Restraint System - A simple grid of tethers slips under your mattress and buckles to your wrist and ankle cuffs.

Cuff Connectors - Attaches cuffs to the bed restraint system or each other.

Wrist & Ankle Cuffs - Handcrafted of the richest fabrics, double-stitched and edge-bound in microfiber, these cuffs adjust with velcro closures.

Blindfold - A plush satin nose bridge blocks light and make the blind fit cozily.

  • Frisky Fave

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