Mastering Multiple Position Sex

by: Frisky Business Boutique

$ 19.99

SKU: 8066500530

Back Cover/Inside Jacket: Just as great music is a skillful combination of notes, great sex is a melody of various techniques and positions that effortlessly flow together. This book teaches you how to hit all the right moves by orchestrating your entire scenario, from seduction to foreplay to position one, two, and three (and many more!). Sexy photos guide you every step of the way, with each new position showing you how to build on the excitement, hit different hot spots, and rythmically move your bodies to unforgettable orgasm.

If jazzing up your sex life has been about trying a new position and then rolling over and calling it a night, try one of the exciting sexual combinations inside to put a srescendo back into your lovemaking. No matter what your sexual tempo is, you're sure to find an erotic ensemble that will take your sex to the next level.

  • Soft cover
  • Many pictures

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