Pretty Plug - Small

by: Miko

$ 96.00

Swarovski crystal embellished butt plugs are more like small pieces of deeply pleasurable, wearable art. The design of this plug is as classic as the sleek detail of a Roman column, with a touch of modern bling to entice the eye of the beholder.

These top-selling stainless steel butt plugs adorned with a sparkling, multi-faceted Swarovski crystal are elegant, and weighted to stay in place to tantalize the prostate or g-spot in equal measure. The highly polished and seamless stainless steel warms up or cools down for temperature play. Go to work with your plug firmly in place, run errands with a new spring in your step or stay at home and tempt your partner.

This small plug is great for beginners at a shade over 1 inch in diameter at its largest point and weighing 6.6 ounces.

  • medical grade stainless steel
  • bacteria resistant
  • easy to clean
  • quickly warms to body temperature
  • genuine Swarovski crystal
  • solid and heavy
  • made in the USA


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