Moove Rechargeable Vibe

by: Screaming O

$ 38.00 $ 63.00

SKU: 817483012709

Screaming O Affordable Rechargeable Moove Flexible Vibe Pink.

Moove vibrator is powered by a rechargeable by a 380mAh battery giving you 90 minutes of vibrating bliss. Powerful. The Moove's contains Screaming O's Positive motor. Their most powerful vibration technology to date.

This vibe emits the deepest rumbling massage available with 20 different functions to choose from. Flexible Moove is equipped with a soft internal spring that allows its head to bend just right from firm to yet flexible pressure. The perfect amount of bend-ability ensures optimal stimulation and comfortable vibration every where Moove massages.

Deep rumbling vibration in smooth, flexible true Silicone.

Rechargeable via a USB cord.

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