Sex Parties 101

by: Frisky Business Boutique

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Back Cover/Inside Jacket: Want to throw a sex party but have no idea where to begin? Do you want to go to a sex party but have no idea what to expect? Whether you’re a thrower or a goer (or an experienced party piggy), you’ll learn some eye-opening lessons in Professor Simon Sheppard’s Sex Parties 101
- How to break the ice
- The 10 commandments of orgies
- How to be a welcoming host (and an attitude-free guest)
- D.I.Y dungeon plans
- What to wear
- Guidelines for gang bangs made simple
- Lighting, music, and menu suggestions
- 10 theme parties you can try
- And much more!
Don’t stay at home poking your remote on Saturday night. Somewhere in your town - maybe even in your own living room - there’s a sex party going on!

  • Soft cover

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