Tenga Egg - Spider

by: Tenga

$ 9.00

SKU: 4560220550526

The Latest Craze from TENGA: Imagine storing your sex toys in the fridge, kitchen, or in the office pantry!

Made of ultra soft and flexible materials, the Tenga egg is an ingenious toy, sure to provide hours of pleasurable fun. It comes in 6 designs and is simple to use: simply remove the wrapper, open the egg-shaped container, take out the sheath, place it over your erection and do what you do best. This design, the Spider, features an enchanting web of ribs lining the inside of the sheath.

Although the Egg is designed as a disposable, one-shot toy, if you're careful and clean it gently, it can be used multiple times.

See how it works (in Japanese):


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