The Compleat Slave

by: Daedalus Publishing

$ 11.00 $ 15.95

SKU: 8177-02

Jack Rinella, author of The Master's Manual, continues his in-depth exploration and discussion of Dominant/submissive relationships with his latest book, The Compleat Slave. This informative overview of the leather scene features Rinella's guidelines, tips and personal experiences in creating safe and sane Master/slave relationships. Whether you are a novice D/s player or an experienced Master or slave, this volume will prove a welcome addition to your personal library. Though it is written from a gay male perspective, Rinella takes special care to make his thoughts and ideas accessible to all relationship orientations. Insightful and forthright, The Compleat Slave is a great read and a valuable reference guide. "Jack lays down clearly good, sound information, without bias, on more than just Master/slave relationships. Many of his thoughts cover basic D/s information that we all need to know so we can decide how much is for us and where we fit into the whole scheme of things. I highly recommend this book for those in or heading toward any D/s relationship." - Master Dean Walradt - Co-chair NLA, creator and producer of the Master's Retreat and the Boy's Training Camp weekends

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