The Romantic Lover

by: Frisky Business Boutique

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Behind every lasting sexual relationship there must be romance; expressions of love for your partner to enhance your intimate physical pleasure.

Passion may provide the initial impulse for a strong physical relationship, but it is romance that will keep it alive.

Romance should underpin everything we do in life. A morning wake-up kiss, intimate text messages and snatched telephone calls, lunchtime emails, an evening walk, supper curled up on the sofa together: these can lead gently and naturally into wonderful sex and a night spent asleep in each other’s arms.

But sex itself can also be intensely romantic. A loving massage. Endless kisses and tongue play. Simply gazing into each other’s eyes. Gentle and long-lasting intercourse.

And romance need not always be gentle- romantic behavior can even be startling, exciting, and unexpected. However, underpinning every truly successful relationship will be secure feelings  of romance; the fact that two people not only love each other, but are willing to say so, that they are not only willing to say it, but also to show it.

  • Hard cover
  • Many photographs

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