Tokidoki Unicorn Massage Wand

by: Lovehoney

$ 99.00 $ 112.00

SKU: 5060481967334

Tokidoki Multispeed Unicorn Massage Wand Vibrator USA.

Tokidoki massage wand with removable silicone unicorn style attachment. Large head perfect for body massage or broad surface intimate contact. Incredible vibration strength in multiple speeds. Plug in style means it never loses power.

Lengthy 1.8 meter e or approximately 6 feet cable for versatile use. Awaken arousal in a storm of vibration with this ultra strength multispeed wand. Plug-in powered for ceaseless stimulation and featuring a removable silicone head attachment, this adorable unicorn wand will fan the flames of magical intimate encounters.

Circumference 10 inches. Length 13.2 inches.

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