Velvet plush kegel trainer

by: Icon Brands

$ 37.50

SKU: IB1076-2

The ideal Kegel trainer kit for beginners to advanced. Three levels of weights allow you to customize your training experience, achieving a total of six graduated steps. Two silicone sleeves are included for single or double ball use. Use the lighter for beginners and the heavier for advanced. Duotone Kegel balls can also be used alone for an entirely different experience. Try them out while rocking in a chair and master your own orgasm!


Six weeks to greater Kegel Control. Week One: Place the lightest Kegel ball only (light purple) in the single ball harness and wear it for one hour per day, for seven consecutive days. Contract your Kegel muscles to hold the ball inside of you. Week Two: Switch to medium ball, colored medium purple, and repeat… on hour per day for seven days. Week Three: Switch to heaviest ball, in dark purple and repeat; one hour per days for seven consecutive days. Week Four: Switch to the two-ball harness, insert the light and medium balls; wear one hour per day for seven days. Week five; In two-ball harness insert the light and heavy balls; repeat timeframe. Week Six: Also in two ball harness, insert the medium and heavy balls: repeat timeframe. After week six, your Kegel muscles should have strengthened considerably. Repeat the process as often as needed. Expert users can also master the art of self pleasure using the Kegel balls internal duotone ball feature by rocking their way to bliss. Velvet Plush is pure, 100% hygienic silicone and smooth ABS plastic... velvet soft for comfort and pleasure.

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