We-Vibe Bloom

by: We-Vibe

$ 120.00


Have fun exploring a new way to do your Kegal exercises! Simply insert Bloom into your vagina and squeeze to strengthen your PC muscles. Turn on the vibration to add pleasure.

Toning and strengthening your PC muscles may help you climax more easily and with greater intensity. As your muscles get stronger, increase the intensity of your workout by using heavier weighted balls.

Bloom is made with soft, body-safe silicone, so it’s comfortable to wear. It comes with three progressive weights (10 g, 30 g and 45 g) that are easy to interchange.

- 10 different vibration modes
- USB rechargeable
- Charge Time: 90 min. Run Time: 90+ mintues
- Two Year Warrenty with We-Vibe
- Color: Coral

Enjoy using Bloom by We-Vibe™ to tone and strengthen your PC muscles. Bloom makes doing Kegels a lot more fun. Easy to insert, simple to use, and with rumbly vibrations it adds pleasure to your workout. With three interchangeable weights, Bloom can be adjusted to increase your level of inner fitness.

Attach the desired weight by screwing on one of three balls provided with Bloom.

Pair Bloom with your smartphone. Press and hold down the control button for 5 seconds until it pulses twice.

Apply We-Vibe™ Lube — made by pjur® to the outside of Bloom.

Gently insert Bloom into the vagina, keeping the retrieval stem outside your body.

With the free We-Connect™ app you can add pleasure by switching between preset vibes and customizing your own vibes.

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